As a small but growing company, we offer meaningful work opportunities on a variety of contracts. ELS offers growth potential as well as future work opportunities.

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Open Opportunities

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Company Benefits


Medical Plans

4 Comprehensive Group Medical Plan Options



Employee Stock Ownership Plan


401k Matching

Retirement Matching at 4%


Dental + Vision Plans

Provided at No Cost


Paid Leave

PTO, Sick Leave, and Federal Holidays


Student Loan Repayment

$100/Month with No Qualifying Factors


Disability Insurance

Short-Term and Long-Term


Life Insurance



Voluntary Benefits

Supplemental, Available for Low Cost


On-Site Parking

Reimbursement for Parking Fees


Calm Premium

Calm App Premium Membership


Wellness Advantage Discount Program

Employee Discount and Reward Program


FinFit Financial Literacy Program

Comprehensive Financial Wellness Benefit Program


Employee Assistance Program

3rd Party Counseling and Teletherapy

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Company Trips

ELS strives to create a meaningful work experience while simultaneously providing exceptional support to our customers! 

Pictured: PEO Ships GEM Team ship tour on USS LEYTE GULF (CG55) where U.S. Navy sailors describe the mission of cruisers, why certain cruisers are decommissioning (funding, cost of repair, etc.), and different ship components. Our employees were able to tour a ship that their program work directly supported - and saw everything from actual missiles loaded in VLS, 5-inch rounds in the gun, and even the ice cream machines in the mess.

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working here

Employee Stories

  • I joined ELS at the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic (June 2021), and as a single mother, joining a new company at any time can be nerve wrecking… but then add in a global crisis! However, within weeks of joining ELS, I was thriving and knew with certainty that this is where I wanted to work long term! The company’s commitment to both personal and professional growth is unsurpassed. I am extremely fortunate to work with a group of compassionate and dedicated professionals on a daily basis and know I am supported every step along the way.

    As I look towards the future, I am excited to continue my growth trajectory with ELS, face new challenges, embrace opportunities, and write the next chapters of my story within this extraordinary company.

    Tiffany LeVault - Team Lead
  • I worked with Operations Specialist Trainers, Emmitt Dempsey, working with the Saudi Operations Specialist on Maneuvering Board Training. I personally drafted up 10 Maneuvering Board scenarios for them to execute.  This was the first introduction to actual practical application since they were introduced to them at their A-School. The Saudi Sailors were very excited and amped up to actually complete them. As a trainer, it was a pleasure to help them through the process. We have implemented a plan to get them together once a week to conduct this specific type of hands-on training. The feedback has been extremely positive and they really look forward to sitting down every week as a team.

    Travis Albert - Instructor
  • As I reflect on my journey so far, I am immensely grateful for the challenges that have pushed me to grow, the successes that have motivated me to achieve more, and the failures that have taught me valuable lessons. My experience at ELS has not merely been about building a career; it has been a journey of self-discovery, making long-lasting friendships, and contributing to a vision that extends far beyond the walls of this office.

    As I look towards the future, I am excited to continue my growth trajectory with ELS, face new challenges, embrace opportunities, and write the next chapters of my story within this extraordinary company.

    Jocquay Thomas - Assistant Program Manager
  • When I joined the company in August 2023, my manager took me under his wing and provided invaluable guidance from day one. His mentorship was instrumental in navigating the intricacies of this industry and understanding the nuances of my role. John's approachability and willingness to share his expertise created a supportive environment where I felt empowered to grow and excel.

    Spencer Jackson - Project Controller
  • As a new engineer with ELS in 1996, the CEO at the time called me into his office to discuss the ELS 401k program. I knew absolutely nothing about the retirement plan. After 2 hours of conversation, he told me “contribute enough money to get the 4% match and you will be on the right track at retirement age”. It’s now 2024 and my 401k plan has far exceeded my expectations. I want to say “Thank You” to Mr. Kelso, without that advice I might not be in the position I’m in today.

    Michael Hutchinson - Chief Information Officer